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Happy Birthday Ethereum! / Ethereum London Network Upgrade Countdown! / Robinhood & Uniswap ?! / Goldman Sachs Applies for DeFi ETF with SEC / Statistics on Andre Cronje’s Fixed Forex / Synthetix trading is now live on the Optimistic Ethereum L2

Editors: Raizel & Anderson Chen

Dear Coinomo’s Friends and Family,

It has been an exciting week for ETH and DeFi. ETH has seen a huge boost, with price rising for a twelve day consecutive streak. With the London Upgrade upon us, classical financial institutions like Goldman Sachs joining the DeFi race, the market is getting bubbly hot again. Our…

The ₿ Word | Live with Cathie Wood, Jack Dorsey, & Elon Musk / Andre Cronje’s new project — Fixed Forex /MakerDao Moves to Full Decentralization / Bitcoin has arrived at the “Buy” Zone? / Uniswap cited “evolving regulatory landscape”

Edited By Raizel & Anderson Chen

The ₿ Word activities has seen the support from Elon Musk, Jack Jorsey, etc. and due to their support, Bitcoin price is bounching back to the near $40K level. …

Sushiswap’s Phantom Troupe / Twitter founder’s “DeFi” platform / Shapeshift to decentralize entire company / Thorchain loses 4000 ETH from attacks

With EIP 1559 around the corner and so many DeFi projects bubbling up, mainstream media reporting on the tidings of DeFi more and more regularly now it is hard not to become excited about ETH and DeFi. This week our editor gave a Nasduck Index of 3.

Highlights of the Week

1. Thorchain loses 4000 ETH from attacks

Nasduck Index / Row betwen MakerDao and Chainlink / JP Morgan goes bull on Ethereum Staking

Editor Raizel and Anderson Chen

DeFi market was plagued by low yield for the past two months, but worry no more, Summer is here and lots of exciting happenings on Ethereum. The editors have added for us a new section called “Nasduck Index” that hopes to provide a simple gauge on the market trending based on news and quantitative analysis.

Nasduck Index For this Week: 3.75

Jay-Z Auctions Reasonable Doubt NFT at Sotheby’s / Citibank launches Digital Asset Unit /Compound to replace Coinbase Pro with Chainlink / Anyswap is live on Arbitrum / Venus V3 Roadmap is Out

Static image of Heir to the Throne by Derrick Adams, Courtesy Sotheby’s

Quote of the Week

From Ryan Selkis, Founder of Messari:

twitter of Ryan Selkis

From Marc Zeller, Integrations Lead, Aave:

Twitter of Marc Zeller

From Andre Cronje, Founder of Yearn Finance:

Tweet of Andre Cronje

Highlights of the Week

Jay-Z Auctioning Reasonable Doubt NFT at Sotheby’s

On June 25, 1996, JAY-Z unleashed his platinum-plus debut album Reasonable Doubt. From 25 June — 2 July, Sotheby’s and Roc Nation will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Reasonable Doubt

What happened to Titan? / MakerDao executive proposal/ Instadapp announces INST governance is live on Ethereum mainnet / The long-anticipated London upgrade ready for deployement on the Ethereum testnets

Editor: Anderson Chen & Raizel

Ethereum and the crypto market continues to grow despite another week-long weakening of DeFi prices.

Source: CinemaBlend

Quote of the Week:

From Anthony Sassano, co-founder of EthHub:

From Marc Zeller, Integrations Lead, Aave:

From Hayden Adams, Founder of Uniswap:

Headlines of the Week:

What happened to Titan and Iron Finance?

<Panic selling triggered evaporation of $2 Billion in value.>

“I got hit like everyone else,”…

Crypto Bitcoin Trading

Stablecoin is like a life hack that gives you the best of both worlds. Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that mirrors its value to a fiat currency. Normally the stablecoin issuers are audited and required to match the stablecoin circulation with fiat deposits locked in a custodial account i.e., if you see there are 100 million stablecoins out there, the issuer normally need to lock up 100 million worth of real money in a bank deposit somewhere. Thus, stablecoins are often treated as fiat currency in the crypto world and are deemed generally safe and stable in value. However, some issuers…

crypto infinity

Crypto currency could be a confusing subject that baffles even the tech entrepreneurs. Most people just do not have the time to churn through the gazillion amount of articles out there to get self-learned on crypto. It is almost like the higher mathematics homework that we all dreaded and put off till the end of the holiday.

But crypto should be fun. It is fun with all the activities you could do with it and all the buzz in the market. This string of articles aim at cruising you through the world of bitcoin, doge, ETC and more. The information…

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The crypto space has seen a strong resurgence in the last 12 months, with significant rise in interest in the industry as an alternative asset class coming both from institutional investors and retail investors alike — It is harder and harder for main street people to write it off as a short-term fad. As adoption grows, and as regulators take a more progressive approach towards the industry, the only thing that stand in the way of mass adoption is the ease of access and product user experience.

OMO — Bring Crypto to Main Street in Southeast Asia

Omo is the…


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