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The crypto space has seen a strong resurgence in the last 12 months, with significant rise in interest in the industry as an alternative asset class coming both from institutional investors and retail investors alike — It is harder and harder for main street people to write it off as a short-term fad. As adoption grows, and as regulators take a more progressive approach towards the industry, the only thing that stand in the way of mass adoption is the ease of access and product user experience.

OMO — Bring Crypto to Main Street in Southeast Asia

Omo is the state of the art crypto and blockchain technologies bundled into a magical box. Inside the box is the complex world of crypto, and outside is our everyday life. We understand the confusion and stress for new adopters when learning about crypto and block-chain for the first time. By carefully zoning out the unnecessary buzzy details, and being laser focused on user experience, we provide a simple, secure and intuitive gateway into the world of “everything crypto”.

Our OMO finance platform,, serves as a higher order product, catering to more seasoned crypto investors, to join and enjoy the raging waves of crypto movement on the main street. Diligently crafted investment-grade products, amongst others, will be offered exclusively on this platform.

With OMO and OMO finance we plan to accompany our customers throughout their crypto lifespan, handhold them at the start so that they don’t get disoriented in the whirring crypto world, boost their investment activities later on when they get more familiar and confident. Eventually, we want our customers to be co-founders with us in building OMO community, designing and sharing high yield products for the OMO family together.

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Our Team

Evie represents a classic example of mainstream to crypto conversion. She was educated in Singapore under a local scholarship before moving on to pursue an engineering degree at the University of Oxford with a full scholarship from Temasek Holdings.

In her early career, she served under large conglomerates like P&G, Singapore Telecommunications, DBS, etc. She first entered the venture capital world as an Investment Director for Vertex Venture, a fully owned VC fund of Temasek Holdings. There, she led investments in the new batch of unicorns in Southeast Asia, like Grab, Patsnap, Paktor (now 17Live). She then pursued a career in film as the first employee of Flagship Entertainment, a joint-venture between Warner Brothers and a Chinese media fund CMC Capital. She moved back to the venture capital world for three years after, as partner to a hard-tech RMB investment fund, Lantern Venture, investing in technology driven companies like Landscape (Chinese SpaceX), United Health (Chinese manufacturer of MRI & Pet-CT Scanning machines), etc.

Evie serves as OMO’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, bringing her knowledge in real industries, large corporations and classic venture capital to work, helping to lay a stable, diligent and trustworthy foundation for the OMO community.

OMO is the dazzling new product from Anderson’s previous creations, Dapp Pocket and Cappuu. Dapp Pocket is a DeFi wallet and Cappuu, a yield aggregator designed to allow users to easily on-ramp fiat to USD Coin (USDC) through credit card purchase. Before launching OMO, Dapp Pocket Inc.’s products already achieved strong traction, with over 100,000 users. Anderson is a computing whiz kid since young and hails from the top university in Taiwan (National Taiwan University) having attained his computer science master’s degree there. He started investing into BTC and ETH in 2014 and has continued his investments, both financially and time, in crypto ever since.

Anderson has performed academic research for blockchain technology with multiple public thesis under his belt. Besides blockchain academia, Anderson also has many years of ground experience working as software developer and project manager in several blockchain related startups before starting Dapp Pocket Inc.

Anderson received grants from Ethereum Foundation previously for his distinguished work in open-sourced projects. Today, he publishes the only Chinese Defi Newsletter Anderson brings to the team not only technological depth, but also development and product acumen which are all highly valuable traits to both the Coinomo team and the OMO community.

Joseph is the Co-Founder and Non-Executive Chairman of 17LIVE. He earned his BSc. in Finance from NYU Stern Business School and received his MBA from University of Chicago (Booth). He has had an entrepreneurial spirit since young, venturing into many projects before co-founding the largest live-streaming platform in developed Asia. Joseph also invests through his family office, Turn Capital, where he gets pitched on all kinds of exciting new ideas in all parts of the world. Joseph has built online communities from ground up many times over and understands what drives user activity and how to create positive engagements online that build on each other. He will help the OMO family by knitting the community tight and proactive, facilitate value creation and sharing so everyone can get a piece in this ever-growing crypto pie.


The aim is to roll out the local exchange to Indonesia by June and OMO token by August. Leveraging on the team past operational experience, we are aiming to get 100k users and reach 100m USD monthly transactional volume by end of year. The second waves of OMO will reach Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines and Vietnam in the next 18 months.

OMO Tokenomics

OMO token is the platform token of Coinomo and the governance token of OMO Protocol.


OMO token holders have discounts on on-ramp fees, trading fees, and withdrawal fees of Coinomo

By staking OMO tokens on Coinomo, you will have better discounts for the fees, receiving extra OMO rewards and other privileges

OMO token holders can get votes to participate in the governance of OMO Protocol


Coinomo and OMO Protocol will buy & burn OMO tokens using part of net profits until at least half of all OMO is burnt


You can earn OMO rewards by depositing in yield products through Coinomo

You can also earn OMO rewards by joining the liquidity mining program of OMO Protocol, or by trading on any OMO product

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1B)

45% Community Purposes including but not limited to rewards, insurance, treasury, 45% Team, 5% Angels / Advisors, 5% Investors

Tokens issued to Team, Advisors and Investors will be vested over 4 years, with 2 year initial cliff, and after daily + linearly between 2nd and 4th year

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